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Announcing Our Inaugural Spring Conference for 2012. A CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline Extended)


April 20-21, 2012

The Cornerstone University Society for Philosophy is pleased to announce that the theme for its inaugural Spring Conference for 2012 will be “Thinking Christianity in the Present-Tense: The Politics of Discipleship.”
In his introduction to Graham Ward’s The Politics of Discipleship, James K.A. Smith succinctly articulates what he suggests should be a fundamental conviction of the Church. Namely, that the ever present task of faithful Christian discipleship might be summed up in the Church’s willingness to ask the following two questions: (1) What time is it? and; (2) What do we do now?

In recent history, no one has done more to encourage the importance and immediacy of asking these two questions than 20th century pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Addressing a conference of young Christians in 1932, Bonhoeffer spoke these words: “The word of the church to the world must [therefore] encounter the world in all its present reality from the deepest knowledge of the world, if it is to be authoritative. The church must be able to say the Word of God, the word of authority, here and now, in the most concrete way possible, from knowledge of the situation. The church may not therefore preach timeless principles however true, but only commandments which are true today. God is ‘always’ God to us ‘today.’”

Once we have answered our first question (What time is it?) we can then attempt to answer the second question (What do we do now?). It is our contention that this can only be done by a Church willing to embody itself as a unique political community able to say the Word of God, here and now. Such a people becomes possible through both cultural exegesis and the intentional cultivation of disciples.

With these themes in mind we welcome and invite our sisters and brothers to co-labor with us in exploring what it might mean to be a faithful Church in our own time. In order to further our inquiry we hope to attract voices from the vast tradition of Christian expression.
The following is a cursory, but not exhaustive, list of possible topics that we feel might aid in this discussion:

• God, Governance, and Foreign Policy
• Augustine and the City of God
• Christianity as Civil Religion
• The Presidents and American Exceptionalism
• September 11th and the War on Terror
• The Religious Right as a Response to Secularizing Trends
• The Christian and Secular Roots of America
• Bonhoeffer and the De-Christianization of Europe
• Martin Luther King Jr. and the “Beloved Community”
• Disciple Making After Metanarratives
• The Family as Space for Alternative Practice
• Biblical Studies and the Work of the Church
• The Natural Sciences and Ecological Concerns
• Ecumenism and Interdisciplinary Studies
• Evangelicals and American Politics
• Liberation Theology and Embodied Church Politics
• Liturgy and Practice as Character Formation
• New Monasticism and Intentional Communities
• Interacting with Enlightenment Philosophy After Modernity
• Demythologizing the Founding Fathers
• Discipleship and Economic Practice
• “Spiritual Formation” vs. “Student Development” in the University Setting

Papers and paper proposals will be accepted until March 20, 2012*. Please send all inquiries or submissions to CUSocietyforPhilosophy@gmail.com.

*ATTENTION: The Deadline for the Call for Papers has been extended until April 2, 2012.


About Jazz

I am student at Cornerstone University working on an undergrad in philosophy. I plan to continue my education in philosophical theology I reside in Grand Rapids, MI and enjoy riding my bike, stretching my brain and sharing meals with friends and family.


9 thoughts on “Announcing Our Inaugural Spring Conference for 2012. A CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline Extended)

  1. How scholarly do these have to be? What’s the criteria for submission?

    Posted by joshdarnold | January 19, 2012, 11:18 pm
    • Hey, thanks for the interest!

      Our projected audience is pretty broad. The spectrum goes from Christian Academia to Church communities. So the rigor of your paper depends upon the audience you want to address. This could be either the academic circles, pastoral circles, or laity circles. Our hope is that all will be present.

      As far as submission criteria, we are looking for something like a 300 word proposal with an outline. You could also submit a finished paper. The final paper should be long enough to give a 20 minute presentation.

      Again, thanks for the interest and feel free to keep them coming


      Posted by Jazz | February 1, 2012, 7:38 pm
  2. Jazz,

    This is brilliant and exciting! I have some ideas. Can we meet to chat about this further?

    My thinking has to do with interpreting Scripture as a liturgical practice for a politics of discipleship. But I need to think that through a bit more.


    Posted by natedawson | February 2, 2012, 2:58 pm
    • Hey Nate,

      Thanks! Man, I am so happy you are interested.

      Oh man, “interpreting Scripture as a liturgical practice for a politics of discipleship” is EXACTLY the kind of thinking we are looking for (Sounds like a good paper title)! Like I said in my previous comment, the audience spectrum is brought, so go whatever way you want with it, academic or pedagogical, or both! Excited to hear more of your thoughts. Feel free to email me any other questions or just comment on here some more.

      G + P

      Posted by Jazz | February 2, 2012, 3:11 pm
  3. Jazz – this is fantastic. Way to go. I would like to send something over.

    Posted by Nathan Smith | February 2, 2012, 3:18 pm
  4. Reblogged this on Sethorton’s Blog.

    Posted by Seth Horton | March 18, 2012, 1:43 pm


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