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TCPT Conference

TCPT 2012 Conference Schedule

The schedule is finally here! As you can see from our list of papers, it will prove to be an excellent discussion. Indeed, with presenters from California to Ohio, we have received a much greater response than we had expected for an inaugural conference. We look forward to seeing you there! This is a map of campus–all sessions will take place in the same building (Bolthouse/Faber). Here is the schedule. It will be updated with further information as we get closer to the event (forgive the obtrusive formatting; it looks much better in a word document):

TCPT: The Politics of Discipleship

Conference Schedule Expanded*

Friday, April 20

3:00 PM: Registration/Tables Open

3:45 PM: Opening Remarks/Prayer Kyle Bos
Bolthouse 100

4:00 PM: Plenary Session I

Speaker: Prof. James K.A. Smith
Title: “Philosophy in the Service of Discipleship”
Chair: Jazz Salo
Bolthouse 100

5:30 PM: Dinner

6:30 PM: Plenary Session II

Brian J. Walsh interviewed by J. Matthew Bonzo
Bolthouse 100

8:00 PM: Closing Remarks Dean Dettloff
Bolthouse 100

Saturday, April 21

8:00 AM: Registration/Tables Open

8:45 AM: Opening Remarks/Prayer Kyle Bos
Bolthouse 100

9:00 AM: Plenary Session III

Speaker: Prof. J. Matthew Bonzo
Title: “After Christ and Culture”
Chair: Dean Dettloff
Bolthouse 100

10:30 AM: Workshop I

Living and Educating in an Abstract World
Faber 112 | Chair: Olivia Chance

Nicolas Babarskis, Cornerstone University
Da-Sein’s Digital Escapades

 Aaron Caudill, Cornerstone University
Plato’s Republic, Christian Education, and the Pursuit of the Dikaiosyne

Pillaging Egyptian Gold: Making Christian Use of Unlikely Candidates
Faber 114 | Chair: Erin Murphy

Mike Edwardson, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
Dialectical Liturgy: Mark Twain’s Strangely Prophetic Voice for a Church in the Present-Tense

Lindsey Renee Jacobs, Fordham University
Positioned Reconstructive Deconstruction: Following Christ as Music Makers & Dreamers of Dreams

A Community of Difference: Race, Culture, and the Church
Faber 115 | Chair: Emily Van Houten

Kris Rolls, Cornerstone University
A Royal Priesthood, A Sacred World: A Prophetic Call for Kingdom Liturgies Against Christian Zionism

Laura De jong, Calvin College
A Book Review of “By the Vision of Another World: Worship in American History”

11:45 AM: Workshop II

Ways of Knowing: Investigations in Epistemology
Faber 114 | Chair: Adam Brooks

Matthew Elmore, Cornerstone University
The Hermeneutics of Submission: Michael Polanyi and the Meekness of Knowing

Nathan Smith, Trinity Evangelical Divinity
Confessional Realism

Questioning the Status Quo Part I: Christian Challenges to the Global Situation
Faber 115 | Chair: Kenneth Selby

Josiah Daniels, Cornerstone University
The Unethical Dimensions of Capitalism: A Call for Kingdom Ethics

Dean Dettloff, Cornerstone University
Capitalism’s Rotation Method: A Kierkegaardian Response

1:00 PM: Lunch

2:00 PM: Plenary Session IV

Speaker: David L. Stubbs
Title: “Changing the Paradigm of Church Discipline: The Contribution of
Restorative Justice and Restorative Circles”
Chair: Kyle Bos
Bolthouse 100

3:30 PM: Workshop III

Modes and Consequences of Discipleship
Faber 112 | Chair: Ian Grell

Daniel Camacho, Calvin College
Racial Discipleship and the Politics of Prayer

Daniel Jesse, Aquinas College
Discipled by Despair

Prescriptive Hermeneutics: Making Use of Phenomenological and Hermeneutic Philosophy
Faber 114 | Chair: Kris Rolls

Seth Horton, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
Ethical Hermeneutics

Dave Rinker, Fuller Theological Seminary
The Crumbs Have Fallen: Place, Textual Ecology & Ethics For Invasion

Questioning the Status Quo Part II: Christian Responses to the Global Situation
Faber 115 | Chair: Josh Perkins

Bethany Luzny, Cornerstone University
Resisting Empire Through the Restoration of the Multitude

Jazz Salo, Cornerstone University
Can These Bones Live?: Justice and Bodies

4:45 PM: Plenary Session V

Speaker: Michael Van Dyke
Title: “Anarchist Philosophy and Christian Law”
Chair: Josh Christianson
Bolthouse 100

5:45 PM: Closing Remarks Dean Dettloff
Bolthouse 100

6:00 PM: Dinner

7:00 PM: Cornerstone Roundtable/Q&A
Bolthouse 100

*Particular presenters are subject to change. Times are final.



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