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TCPT Conference

James K. A. Smith | April 20, 4:00

In anticipation of this weekend, we will be posting some things to get a bit more familiar with our presenters. Here is a video of James K. A. Smith discussing his work on philosophy and cultural liturgies. Dr. Smith has a number of fascinating research interests, including especially work concerning the intersections of Christianity and postmodernism.

A formidable and prolific author, Smith has written or edited over 18 books and contributed to a vast amount of journals, magazines, and the like. Smith is a highly creative thinker, often weaving popular culture, high culture, and a sharp philosophical eye together to provoke the church into responsible thinking. A graduate of the Institute for Christian Studies and a student of both James H. Olthuis and John D. Caputo, Smith’s lineage is nothing short of impressive.

His active blog and twitter feed are further proof of his ability to have his finger on the pulse of current discussions while providing a unique lens. His talk at our conference, entitled “Philosophy in the Service of Discipleship,” will no doubt prove to be a thought-provoking and upbuilding beginning to a great conference.

We hope to see you there!



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