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Cornerstone Alumni, TCPT Conference

Paper Preview from Lindsey Renee Jacobs

Lindsey Jacobs, a Cornerstone alumnus, will be delivering her paper entitled “Positioned Reconstructive Deconstruction: Following Christ as Music Makers & Dreamers of Dreams” at 10:30 AM. She has recently written a blog post outlining some of her thoughts and processes in writing this particular piece.

Lindsey writes:

“What’s pretty cool is that Christians are both storytellers and also characters in the story. This is where it all ties into what I’m presenting about postmodernism and its potentialities, because how we live matters since our story plays a role in a bigger one. Because in this story, we have a calling to reflect God’s goodness in our quest for justice, our practice of mercy, our demonstrations of love. Our calling isn’t confined to our church ministries. In a postmodern world, in which we are allowed to use our identities as resources, in which we are allowed to locate ourselves within our communities and speak into others (as long as we do not oppression them), we aren’t confined to simply building churches but are able to be a part of our broader culture.  This is incredibly important to me.”

Join Lindsey and others on Friday and Saturday as we try to work out what it means to be both storytellers and characters in the story.




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