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Cornerstone Alumni, TCPT Conference

Paper Preview from Seth Horton

Seth Horton, a Cornerstone alumnus, will be delivering his paper “Ethical Hermeneutics” on Saturday at 3:30 in Faber 114. As with Lindsey, Seth has written a blog post elaborating on his paper.

After commenting on his surprise regarding the points of agreement between his position and Dr. Smith’s, he writes:

“Clearly there are only three possible explanations:

A) Dr. Smith has a time machine that he used to read my paper eleven years before I wrote it.

B) Great minds think alike.

C) Having read Smith’s Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism, and been taught philosophy by his friend Dr.  J. Matt Bonzo, and been in countless debates with friends who have read The Fall of Interpretation, in addition to being casually familiar with some of Smith’s bibliography (esp. Augustine), I was subconsciously nudged  in the same direction.

You decide.”

Come hear Seth on Saturday to make your final judgement.



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