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Recent Alumnus Interview from Dean Dettloff on Søren Kierkegaard

This year, I graduated from Cornerstone. What does a philosopher do after graduating? In my case, sell books and talk about philosophy! Working at Baker Book House, I was approached by Louis McBride, our buyer for materials related to what we call “the deep end,” that is, books catering to a more academic audience. Louis is a great thinker and typifies one of my favorite sayings from the Desert Fathers:

“Abbot Palladius said: The soul that wishes to live according to the will of Christ should either learn faithfully what it does not yet know, or teach openly what it does know. But if, when it can, it desires to do neither of these things, it is afflicted with madness. For the first step away from God is a distaste for learning, and lack of appetite for those things for which the soul hungers when it seeks God.”

If Abbot Palladius is right, Louis is certainly wishing to live according to the will of Christ. Louis is the type of person who really wrestles through the problems that crop up in the strange world of evangelical Christianity (most recently, one might look to Louis’ engagements with the origins debate which led Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis to express his worry about Louis being on the road to apostasy). One thing I really appreciate about Louis, other than his cheerful and encouraging demeanor at work, is his genuine interest in what is going on in the interests of his co-workers. He has been a pleasure to talk to about things like philosophy, hermeneutics, and biblical scholarship. Louis actively participates in the dialogue and has made me feel welcome and appreciated at Baker–he even helped us promote our conference and hosted a book table there. Through our conversations, he decided to order and read a book on Kierkegaard, which prompted the idea to offer me the privileged opportunity of doing an interview on his blog. It was a fun activity, and I hope there will be more in the future (hopefully Jazz will make an appearance with an interview on Nietzsche).

Please give the interview a read and engage the discussion. There are three parts. You can get to part three by clicking here, wherein you will find links to parts one and two. Also, be sure to watch Louis’ blog for more information on what Baker is publishing, what he is thinking, and chances to receive free books by doing no more than commenting on a blog post!







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