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Grand Rapids Event

Shane Hipps, William Lane Craig, and Alvin Plantinga at Baker Book House

One thing this blog intends to do is connect those interested in CUSP with events and opportunities relevant to Christianity and philosophical discussion. In doing this, we hope to stay true to our mission statement:

CUSP wants to encourage a Christian culture of academic rigor and critical engagement with philosophical thought. We want to invite Cornerstone students to participate in philosophical discourse in order to better understand our faith and its relation to the world around us. As an organization, we want to offer a space in which students can be encouraged in their scholastic endeavors and challenged by new ideas and alternative viewpoints.

In keeping with that statement, we wish to draw your attention to some upcoming events at Baker Book House. Having recently remodeled, Baker is doing a lot to attract the attention of students. With a soon-to-be operational coffee shop (Icons Coffee), a continued commitment to carrying bargain and used books, a unique space for academic titles, and creating a dedicated space for incoming guest speakers, they are headed in the right direction.

This Thursday, Shane Hipps, teaching pastor at Mars Hill, will be giving a talk including Q&A and booksigning at Baker Book House. Baker has been a big help to the development of CUSP, and it would be great to come out and support their commitment to bringing in thoughtful speakers and authors. Hipps was most recently involved in an event hosting Peter Rollins in Grand Rapids, and his work echoes some similar themes. This announcement is short notice, but it would be great if we could show our support for Baker, who graciously set up a book table at our last TCPT conference.

In January, Baker will also be hosting William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga, two powerhouses in the analytic side of Christian philosophy. Craig’s talk is entitled “Does the Multiverse Make God Unnecessary?” and will be held on Monday, the 21st. Plantinga’s talk, to be given on Tuesday the 22nd, is called “Can You Rationally Believe in God Without an Argument?”Both events will be free, but tickets must be reserved.

With Cornerstone’s continued engagement with continental philosophy, students would do well to hear and dialogue with some of the most well-known thinkers from another tradition. Both events will provide an opportunity for Q&A.

With that said, let me remind you to come out to the first of these events, Shane Hipps, this Thursday (November 15th)! We hope to see you there.

Edit: The Shane Hipps event will be held on Thursday, November 15, not Friday, November 16, as was stated in the original post. The current text reflects the change.



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