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TCPT Conference

TCPT 13 Call for Papers


The Cornerstone University Society for Philosophy is proud to present the topic of our second annual Spring Conference for 2013: The Marginalized. Though the issue is quite broad, two questions arise that shape our conversation: “Who are the marginalized?” and “What are we to do?” To reiterate, who are the people being pushed outside the boundaries of civil society, and what actions are we as Christians bound to take to recognize their plight and reconcile them back into community? These questions in mind, the purpose of our conference this year is twofold; to think through theoretical explorations of the marginalized, and to investigate real-world courses of action on behalf of the marginalized.

Possible paper topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Politics of the Marginalized
  • Economics and Marginalization
  • Gender Marginalization
  • Linguistic Marginalization
  • Marginalization and Literature
  • Marginal Stories in History
  • Care for the Marginalized
  • Marginalization in Healthcare
  • Marginalization and Social Work
  • Aesthetics of the Marginalized
  • Education of the Marginalized
  • Marginalization and City Planning

Paper Proposals are due Friday, February 22nd.  Submit you proposals by email to cusocietyforphilosophy@gmail.com, as well as any questions you may have. 



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