Name: Dean Dettloff
Graduate: Spring ’12
Research: Kierkegaard, Phenomenology, Deconstructive Politics
E-Mail: dean.dettloff@cornerstone.edu
Box #: 2488






Vice President/Marketing Director:
Name: Jazz Salo
Graduate: Fall ’12
Research: Jean-Luc Marion, Phenomenology, Political Theory
E-Mail: jazz.salo@cornerstone.edu
Box #: 3883









Secretary Treasurer:
Name: Olivia Chance
Graduate: Fall ’12
Research: Ancient/Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics, Languages
E-Mail: olivia.chance@cornerstone.edu
Box #: 3490







Speaker Liaison:
Name: Jordan Skinner
Graduate: Spring ’12
Research: Catherine Malabou, Speculative Realism, Neuroscience
E-Mail: jordan.skinner@cornerstone.edu
Box #:





Vice President of Content Committee:
Name: Josh Christianson
Graduate: Spring ’13
Research: Aesthetics, Phenomenology, Film Theory
E-Mail: josh.christianson@cornerstone.edu
Box #: 2443


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