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TCPT Conference (James K. A. Smith, Brian J. Walsh, J. Matthew Bonzo, David L. Stubbs, and Michael Van Dyke) April 20-21, 2012

Our inaugural philosophy conference included a wide variety of plenary speakers and submitted papers. The event was well attended and received. With twenty-one speakers represented and over 60 registered attendees, we look forward to future conferences.

James H. Olthuis small group visit, Dinner With a Side of Justice, and guest lecture entitled “Sovereignty Without Sovereignty.” April 11-April 12, 2012

Dr. Olthuis and his wife, Arvilla, visited a student discussion group who were reading his book I Pledge You My Troth. They entertained questions and offered further insights on the subjects of theology, gender, marriage, friendship, and relationships. They then participated in ICCE’s Dinner With a Side of Justice series to discuss the topic “Justice and Love.” Finally, Dr. Olthuis gave a guest lecture in our class “Postmodernism and the Question of God” where he discussed sovereignty, the weakness of God, and more.

An Evening with Peter Rollins April 16, 2012

We were joined by philosopher Peter Rollins to discuss his work from a philosophical vantage point. He was interviewed by Michael Van Dyke and participated in a dinner with CUSP students.

Crafting a Discerning Christian Politics: A Panel Discussion with J. Matthew Bonzo, David Kennedy, Michael R. Stevens, and Andrew Smith. December 1, 2011

With the approach of the election year, we invited members of varying political views from Cornerstone’s faculty to weigh in on what a truly Christian relationship to the political might mean.

An Open Discussion of Economics, Politics, and Christianity October 27, 2011

A panel including students who had researched and/or participated in #OCCUPYWALLSTREET held a gathering in our student union building. Opinions were mixed. The conversation was held to get students talking to students and encourage discourse on campus.



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TCPT 2013: The MarginalizedMarch 22nd, 2012

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