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Shane Hipps, William Lane Craig, and Alvin Plantinga at Baker Book House

One thing this blog intends to do is connect those interested in CUSP with events and opportunities relevant to Christianity and philosophical discussion. In doing this, we hope to stay true to our mission statement: CUSP wants to encourage a Christian culture of academic rigor and critical engagement with philosophical thought. We want to invite … Continue reading

Recent Alumnus Interview from Dean Dettloff on Søren Kierkegaard

This year, I graduated from Cornerstone. What does a philosopher do after graduating? In my case, sell books and talk about philosophy! Working at Baker Book House, I was approached by Louis McBride, our buyer for materials related to what we call “the deep end,” that is, books catering to a more academic audience. Louis … Continue reading

Many Thanks for a Successful Conference!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our inaugural conference! We ended up with twenty-one speakers, over 60 registered attendees (and plenty of non-registered attendees), and excellent feedback. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. Thanks also to Louis from Baker Book House and Eric from the Theological Book … Continue reading

Conference Today

Saturday, April 21* 8:00 AM: Registration/Book Table Open** 8:45 AM: Opening Remarks/Prayer 9:00 AM: Plenary Session III Speaker: J. Matthew Bonzo Title: “After Christ and Culture” Chair: Dean Dettloff 10:30 AM: Workshop I  11:45 AM: Workshop II  1:00 PM: Lunch  2:00 PM: Plenary Session IV Speaker: David L. Stubbs Title: “Changing the Paradigm of Church … Continue reading

Conference Today

Friday, April 20* 3:00 PM: Registration/Book Table Open 3:45 PM: Opening Remarks/Prayer 4:00 PM: Plenary Session I Speaker: Prof. James K.A. Smith Title: “Philosophy in the Service of Discipleship” Chair: Jazz Salo 5:30 PM: Dinner 6:30 PM: Plenary Session II Interview with Brian J. Walsh by J. Matthew Bonzo 8:00 PM: Closing Remarks *Baker Book … Continue reading

Conference Tables

There will be two tables at the conference this year: one from Baker Book House and the second from the Theological Book Network. Louis from Baker Book House, who also promoted us on his blog, will be bringing many excellent titles, several of which will be dramatically marked down. Baker Book House is part of … Continue reading

Internet Publicity

We’re incredibly grateful for two recent announcements of our conference. The first is from Dr. Smith, who tweeted our call for papers. Please follow him for further information on his projects, commentary on current events, and updates concerning banjo practice. The second is from Louis at Baker Book House. Louis gave us a great and … Continue reading

Upcoming Events

TCPT 2013: The MarginalizedMarch 22nd, 2012

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